Early years fellowship Job in London

Vacancy posted on June 25, 2012

Employer: Queen Mary University of London Salary: Meets Nat Min Wage
Duration: Temporary Hours: Days to be arranged

Vacancy Description
In many areas there are significant challenges concerning the physics/chemistry of materials, in energy some of the key questions concern security of energy supply,reduction in the use of carbon-based fuels for large-scale energy supply, the need to develop mobile energy sources (batteries, hydrogen fuel storage) toreduce the reliance on internal combustion engines for transport, materials fornext-generation nuclear energy, and materials to deal with the legacy of nuclear waste. There are numerous materials related issues in challenge areas. Increasingly industries and research councils will look to support large groups of critical mass to work in these areas. The (MRI) will bring a range of activities in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Dentistry) to create a disciplinary activity that will have a critical mass in a number of areas.

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Location: London, E1 E1